Largest, Highest, Longest and Smallest in India Quiz Game

Here is an interesting quiz game for your brain. Largest, Highest, Longest and Smallest in India Quiz Game. Check out your general knowledge now!!!

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    Largest fresh water lake in India is?

    largest lake in india
    • Chilka Lake
    • Hussain Sagar Lake
    • Sambhar Lake
    • Wular Lake
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    Largest Bank of India is?

    largest bank in india
    • ICICI Bank
    • HDFC Bank
    • Canara Bank
    • State Bank of India
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    Highest mountain peak in India is?

    highest mountain peak in india
    • Nanga Parbat
    • Nanda Devi
    • Kanchenjunga
    • K2 (Godwin Austin)
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    Highest waterfall in India is?

    highest waterfall in india
    • Kunchikal falls
    • Gersoppa falls
    • Barehipani falls
    • Jog falls
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    Longest Dam in India is?

    longest dam in india
    • Bhakra Nangal Dam
    • Hirakud Dam
    • Almatti Dam
    • Idukki Dam
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    Which is the largest State in India in terms of Population?

    largest state in india
    • Rajasthan
    • Maharashtra
    • Uttar Pradesh
    • Madhya Pradesh
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    Smallest State of India in terms of Area is?

    smallest state in india
    • Sikkim
    • Uttarakhand
    • Goa
    • Tripura
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    Which is the longest river of India?

    longest river in india
    • Ganga
    • Krishna
    • Godavari
    • Yamuna

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