Important Days of Year GK Questions and Answer

Important Days of Year GK Questions and Answer

1. NRI Day9 January
2. World Laughter Day10th January
3. National youth day12th January. It is celebrated on the birthday of swami Vivekanand ji
4. Army day15 January
5. National Voters day25 January
6. Tourism Day (India)25 January
7. Indian republic day26 January
8. International custom day26 January
9. Sarvodaya day30 January
10. World Leprosy Eradication Day30 January
11. Rose day12 February
12. Valentine Day14 February
13. International Mother Language Day21 February
14. Central Excise Day24 February
15. World Marriage DaySecond Sunday of february
16. National Science Day28 February
17. Commonwealth DaySecond Monday of March
18. International Women’s Day8th March
19. World kidney day9th March
20. World consumer day15th March

21. World Disabled Day15th March
22. Ordnance Factories Day18th March
23. World Forestry Day21 March
24. World Water Day22 March
25. World Meteorological Day23 March
26. World TB Day24 March
27. Worldtheatre Day27 March
28. World TB Day24 March
29. World TB Day24 March
30. National Maritime Day5 April
31. World Health Day7 April
32. World Homeopathy Day10 April
33. World Haemophilia Day17 April
34. World Heritage Day18 April
35. Indian Civil Service Day21 April
36. Earth Day22 April
37. World Book and Copyright Day23 April
38. Panchayat Divas24 April
39. International Labour Day1st May
40. World Asthma Day3rd May
41. World press freedom day3rd May
42. World red cross day8th May
43. Mother’s DaySecond sunday of May
44. World Thalassaemia Day8th May
45. National Technology Day11 May
46. World Hypertension Day12 May
47. International Family Day15 May
48. World Telecommunication Day17th May
49. Anti Terrorism Day21st May
50. World Anti-tobacco Day31 May
51. World Environment Day5th June
52. Father’s Day3rd Sunday of June
53. World Diabetes Day27th June
54. Doctor’s Day1st July
55. World Population Day11th July
56. Kargil Memorial Day26th July
57. International Friendship Day3rd August
58. World Peace Day6th August
59. Hiroshima Day6th August
60. Quit India Day9th August
61. Nagasaki Day9th August
62. World Youth Day12 August
63. Indian Independence Day15 August
64. Photography Day19 August
65. National Sports Day29 August
66. Teacher’s Day5th September
67. Sanskrit Day5th September
68. World Literacy Day8 September
69. Hindi Divas14th september
70. Engineer’s Day15 September
71. World Ozone Day16 September
72. World Deaf Day26 September
73. World Tourism Day27th September
74. International Day for the Elderly1 October
75. Gandhi Jayanti2 October
76. Birthday of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri2 October, 1904
77. World Habitat Day3 October
78. World Animal Welfare Day4 October
79. World wild animal day6 October
80. Indian Air Force Day8 October
81. World Post Office Day9 October
82. World Sight DaySecond Thursday of October
83. UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction13 October
84. World Standards Day14 October
85. World Food Day16 October
86. World Thrift Day30 October
87. Death Anniversary of Indira Gandhi31 October
88. Legal Services Day9 November
89. Children’s Day14 November
90. Diabetes Day14 November
91. World Student’s Day17 November
92. National Journalism Day17 November
93. World Adult Day18 November
94. World Citizen Day19 November
95. World Non Veg Prevention Day25 November
96. World Non Veg Prevention Day25 November
97. World Environment Protection Day26 November
98. National Law Day26 November
99. International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People29 November
100. World AIDS Day1 December
101. World AIDS Day1 December
102. Indian Navy Day4 December
103. International Volunteers Day5 December
104. Indian Armed Forces Flag Day7 December
105. Balika Divas9 December
106. International Human Rights Day10 December
107. National Energy Conservation Day14 December
108. Minorities Rights Day18 December
109. Kisan Divas23 December
110. Christmas Day25 December
111. CRPF foundation day26 December

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