100 Railway RRB GK Questions and Answers

100 Railway RRB GK Questions and Answers

Hello Friends, In this post we are going to share 100 Railway RRB GK questions and answers useful for RRB exams.

Exams for various subordinate technical and non technical posts are conducted by Railway Recruitment Board. Generally, the exams comprise of Numerical Ability, General Awareness, General Intelligence, General Science and also, Technical Papers. Educational qualification varies according to the post applied for. Here, you can find comprehensive one liner question and answers preparation material including for RRB exams like JE, NTPC, RRB ALP, RRB Level-1, etc.

Q1.Year of the Rowlatt Act?1919
Q2.What river is called the Sorrow of Bengal?Damodar
Q3.Is viticulture the production of?Grapes
Q4.Which year did Swami Vivekanand deliver his famous speech in ‘World Religion Conference’ in Chicago?1893
Q5.The first international cricket match was played between?USA and Canada
Q6.Who discovered Penicillin?Alexander Fleming
Q7.Which country celebrated January 4th as its independence day?Myanmar
Q8.Deficiency of Vitamin A causes?Nightblindness
Q9.Was polio vaccination discovered by?Jonas Salk
Q10.Odd one out- Square, rectangle, circle, triangle, octagon?Circle
Q11.The odd one out- webcam, speaker, digital camera, smartphone?Webcam
Q12. The 1st dog who went to space?Laika
Q13.Full form of PSLV?Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
Q14.What is Marsh Gas?Methane
Q15.Which boxer was known as ‘The Real Deal’?Evander Holyfield
Q16.Which chemical is known as saltpeter?Potassium Nitrate
Q17.Study of Birds is called?Ornithology
Q18.Kuchipudi belongs to which state?Andhra Pradesh
Q19.First Indian woman to win gold in Asian games?Kamaljeet Sandhu
Q20.First Indian hockey player awarded Padma Shri?Balbir Singh Dosanjh
Q21.Who is the father of Indian space?Vikram Sarabhai
Q22.What is a group of Dolphins called?“school” or “pod”
Q23.Who is the first governor-general of free India?Louis Mountbatten
Q24.Interpol Headquarter is located in?Lyon, France
Q25.Which Indian king used naval power to conquer the ports of East Asia?Rajendra Chola
Q26.What sort of taste is umami flavor?Savory
Q27.Zika virus is spread through?Aedes Mosquito
Q28.Which Indian director has won an Oscar?Satyajit Ray (Honorary Oscar)
Q29.What is a tomato?Fruit
Q30.Who has won the most number of Olympic Gold medals?Michael Phelps
Q31.How many medals overall did India win at 2012 London Olympics?6
Q32.Which country has won maximum football world cup?Brazil
Q33.In which year Kailash Satyarthi and Malala got Noble Prize?2014
Q34.Who is the First Deputy Prime Minister?Sardar Vallabhai Patel
Q35.Which country hosted the first Olympic games?Athens, Greece
Q36.Name the first bank in India?Bank of Hindustan
Q37.Which country will host the 2023 cricket world cup?India
Q38.Which movement was called off in chauri chaura in 1922?Non-Cooperation Movement
Q39.1 Rs. and 2 Rs. Are coins made of?Ferritic Stainless Steel
Q40.Imo full form?International Maritime Organization
Q41.Is captcha used for?Tell Computers and Humans Apart
Q42.Scheme for farmers introduced by PM Narendra Modi?Crop Insurance Scheme
Q43.Which forest has the most spread area in India?Tropical deciduous forest
Q44.NFC is based on which technology?RFID (Radio frequency identification)
Q45.In which year theory of relativity was proposed?1915
Q46.Is mycology the study of?Fungi
Q47.Which country got its independence in 2011?South Sudan
Q48.With which sport is the term “hairpin shot/wood shot” associated?Badminton
Q49.Who was the first man to reach outer space?Yuri Gagarin
Q50.In which year, did women participate in all events of the Olympics for the first time?2012 London Olympics
Q51.In which type of cells will you NOT find the mitochondria?Erythrocytes
Q52.Which country will host the 2019 Rugby World Cup?Japan
Q53.What is the study of coins called?Numismatics
Q54.Himalayan Thrush Bird is found in which state?Sikkim
Q55.Biggest river in Bangladesh?Brahmaputra (Jamuna)
Q56.Ctrl + V is used for?Pasting
Q57.Is leprosy also called?Hansen’s Disease
Q58.Who is the father of Modern Genetics?Gregor Mendel
Q59.LIGO is related to?Laser
Q60.What is the measurement of Volleyball ground?18 meters (59 feet) long and 9 meters (29.5 feet) wide
Q61.In which year Anglo Sikh war was fought?1845
Q62.Wellington trophy is related to which sport?Rowing
Q63.Who wrote “A brief history of seven killings”?Marlon James
Q64.What place is referred to as “Land of the Morning Calm”?South Korea
Q65.What is the binary number of 13?1101
Q66.Who wrote, “To the Brink and Back”?Jairam Ramesh
Q67.Fruit bats are host to which virus?Ebola
Q68.Full form of IPC Indian penal code
Q69.Who was the Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 1971?Tajuddin Ahmad
Q70.Who was the 2nd time chief of UN in 2011?Ban-ki-Moon
Q71.Which party did Subhash Chandra Bose establish in 1939 after breaking away from Congress?All India Forward Bloc
Q72.“My Stamp” services launched in Mumbai Post Office serve what purpose?Personalized sheets of postage stamps
Q73.Which foreign country has won the most Oscars?France
Q74.What is serology?Study of serum and other bodily fluids
Q75.Who was the first female Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?Sirimavo Bandaranaike
Q76.Who was the first female Muslim President in the world?Benazir Bhutto
Q77.What is an Ecotone?Transition area between two biomes
Q78.First Female President of Nepal?Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Q79.Mahabharata was fought for how many days?18 Days
Q80.The first district to have NOFN high-speed connectivity?Idukki (Kerala)
Q81.Father of Indian Surgery?Sushruta
82. The pacemaker is associated with which organ?Heart
Q83.Which is the largest cell in the human body?Ovum
Q84.Who performed the first human heart transplant?Dr. Christiaan Barnard
Q85.1st newspaper of India was published 30th May 1780, and the day is celebrated as Journalist Day. What is the name of the newspaper?Bengal Gazette
Q86.Which was the 1st web browser in the world?Mosaic
Q87.What is the Alt + enter – shortcut for?Inserting Linebreak/ Feeding a line
Q88.First Australian captain to win the world cup for AustraliaAllan Border
Q89.World’s most energy efficient city?Reykjavik
Q90.Was Jeans first marketed by?Levi Strauss
Q91.What is TBasic?Programming Language
Q92.World’s most poisonous fish?Stonefish
Q93.Borobudur Temple located in?Indonesia
Q94.Name the planets similar to earthKepler 438 b and Kepler 442 b
Q95.Who Invented bifocal lens?Benjamin Franklin
Q96.The longest bridge is built across which river?Yangtze
Q97.Who made first chocolate?Hernan Cortes
Q98.Chinese Pilgrim, who visited India during Gupta period?Fa Hien
Q99.Full Form of SPM?Scanning Probe Microscope
Q100.Which Indian Scientist contradicted Einstein theory of energy (E=mc2)?Ajay Sharma

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