Most Important environment quiz questions and answers – Part 1

Important environment quiz questions and answers – Part 1

As you all know, the environmental studies has become more and more popular in every competitive exams now. Keeping this in mind, we are sharing one liner quiz questions and answer from Environmental Studies today. This will be useful in all types of exams such as  CTET, MP Samvida Teacher, MPPSC  etc. and all other exams that come under environmental studies.

In this part of Environmental Studies, we will be sharing about Ozone layer degradation! So let’s start friends!

The ozone layer is primarily located in the ?stratosphere
Located at the height of approximately 10 to 50 km from the Earth in the lower part of the stratosphere is ? the ozone layer
The ozone layer is at an altitude of ____the Earth ?20 kilometers
Not true for chlorofluorocarbons ?this does not contribute to the ‘ greenhouse ‘ effect.
Human manufactures of carbon containing  chlorineand  fluorine ?CFC
____ is responsible for the aperture of Ozone?CFC
The radiation that is absorbed by the ozone present in the atmosphere is ?ultraviolet
A gas consisting of three atoms of oxygen ?ozone (O 3 )
Saves life on Earth in the form of ozone layer in the upper atmosphere from ?ultraviolet rays
Ozone layer is useful for human beings because ?it does not let the sun’s ultraviolet rays come to Earth.
The harmful ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun can be the cause of ?cutaneous cancer
Ultraviolet radiation may cause ___ if human body exposed more to sunlight ?genetic mutations in DNA
Ozone Layer Conservation Day’ is celebrated  on ?16th September
Ozone layer’s most harmful pollutant ?chlorofluorocarbons
Ozone layer erosion in the ozonosphere with its presence in the atmosphere ?chlorofluorocarbons
___ is not responsible for the loss of the Ozone layer ?methyl chloroform used as solvent
The gases responsible for the depletion of ozone layer are ?CFCs , Halojons , Nitrous Oxide , Trichloroethylene , Hahnon-1211 , 1301
The Green house gas by which the ozone pollution is not in the Troposphere ? carbon monoxide
Ozone hole is highest in destrucion ?above Antarctica
The Montreal Protocol, which is related to protection of ?ozone layer
___became Effective from January 1, 1989  ?Montreal Protocol
Montreal Protocol is related to ?preventing the decay of ozone layer
Montreal Protocol’ is related to ?chlorofluorocarbons
The level of ozone in the stratosphere is naturally regulated  by ?nitrogen dioxide
The thickness of the ozone layer varies according to the season. In the spring it has the highest thickness and in the year it remains ?lowest
Ozone layer is measured  in the ?Dobson unit
0 0 C and 1 is equal to the thickness of 01 mm of pure ozone at atm pressure ?1 Dobson Unit
A highly stable compound that can remain in the atmosphere for 80 to 100 years ?chlorofluorocarbons
Chlorofluorocarbons, halones and carbon tetrachloride are all three substances which cause ? ozone depletive
A medium where chlorine compounds change into chlorine particles that destroy the ozone layer ?polar parabolic cloud
The gas that is filled in the fridge is ?Mephron
Used as a refrigerant in large plants ?Ammonia
In the year 1985, with the help of ‘Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer’, the ozone hole was detected on Antarctica by ?the British team
On the Tibet Plateau, the ‘Ozone Himalaya’ (ozone hello) was detected in the year 2005 by ?GW Kent Moore
Coughing in humans can cause pain in the chest as well as damage the lungs because of ?High concentrations of O 3
___Absorbs 93-99 percent of the ultraviolet light of the Sun’s high frequency (which is harmful to life on Earth) ? ozone layer
The use of ozone depleting substances is related to the issue of control and to phase out ?Monitrial Protocol

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