700+ Most Important GK One Liner Quiz Questions and Answer

Hello friends, today we are going to share with you 700+ common questions and answers that repeat in every competitive exams! So you read them well and remember that if any of these questions come in EXAM, then there should not be any wrong in any condition! If this post is a bit longer then we would suggest that you save this post in your book and whenever you get the time, read it well because these questions are very important.

Most Important GK One Liner Quiz Questions and Answer List Below

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1. Where did Lord Buddha got enlightenment? Bodhgaya
2. Who founded the Arya Samaj? Swami Dayanand
3. what is the script of punjabi language? Gurumukhi
4. What is the southernmost edge of India’s mainland? Kanyakumari
5. In which state of India first Sun goes out? Arunachal Pradesh
6. Insulin is used in the treatment of which disease? Diabetes
7. Bihu is the famous festival of which state? Assam
8. Which vitamins are abundant in Amla? Vitamin C
9. Who was the first Governor General of India? William Bantric
10. In which country was the invention of paper? China
11. What was the name of Gautam Buddha’s childhood? Siddhartha
12. Who is the supreme commander of the Armed Forces in India? President
13. What is the lack of vitamin deficiency? Vitamin A
14. Pongal is the festival of which state? Tamil Nadu
15. Giddha and Bhangra are the folk dances of which state? Punjab
16. Who invented the television? John Logie Baird
17. Who was the first female ruler of India? Razia Sultan  Quiz Question
18. With whose help the breath breathes? Gillafar
19. Who gave the slogan of ‘Inklab Zindabad’? Bhagat Singh
20. When and where did Jallianwala Bagh massacre? 1919 AD Amritsar
21. Which party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose after leaving Congress in 1939? Forward Block
22. Who is called ‘Punjab Kesari’? Lala Lajpat Rai
23. Who killed Sanders?Bhagat Singh andShivaram Rajguru
24. Who has sacrificed his life in the revolt of Bhagat Singh 24. 1857 AD? Mangal Pandey
25. Who was the first woman governor of India? Sarojini Naidu
26. Who was the first woman to climb Mt. Everest twice? Santosh Yadav
27. ‘Brahma Samaj’ was founded by whom? Raja Rammohan Roy
28. What was the original name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati? Basant Shankar
29. Who gave the slogan of ‘ Lotus to the Vedas’? Dayanand Saraswati
30. Who founded the ‘Ramkrishna Mission’? Swami Vivekanand
31. When did Vaskodigama come to India? 1498 AD
32. Where was Waskodigama supposed to live? Portugal
33. Where is the Hawa Mahal located? Jaipur
34. Which Sikh guru is the founder of Sikh religion? Guru Nanak
35. What is the main festival of Sikhs? Crutch
36. What is a great man called ‘Iron Man’? Sardar Patel
37. What great leader is called Netaji? Subhash Chandra Bose
38. What is the name of Samadhi of Delhi based Lal Bahadur Shastri? Vijay Ghat
39. Who is the architect of the Mahabharata? Maharishi Vedavas
40. Who wrote a book called economics? Chanakya (Kautilya)
41. Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’? Lal Bahadur Shastri
42. Who was the permanent president of the Constituent Assembly? Dr. Rajendra Prasad
43. Who was the President of the draft constitution committee? Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
44. World’s Red Cross Day is celebrated on which date? 8 May,
45. Which country is famous for the country of Sunrise?Japan
46. ​​On which date is the International Women’s Day celebrated? 8 March
47. What is the smallest state in India in terms of area? Goa
48. Onam is the famous festival of which state? Kerala
49. When Delhi became the capital of India? 1911
50. What is the brightest planet? Venus
51. What is the national animal of India? Tiger
52. What is the national bird of India? Peacock  Quiz
53. What is the national aquatic species of India? Ganga Dolphin
54. What is the national fruit of India? Common
55. What is the national flower of India? Lotus
56. What is the National Tree of India? Banyan
57. What is the national sport of India? Hockey
58. What is the ratio of the length and breadth of India’s national flag? 3: 2
59. Who wrote the national anthem of India? Rabindranath Tagore
60. What is the national anthem of India? Vande Mataram
61. Who wrote the National Anthem of India? Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
62. Who was the first to call Mahatma Gandhi the Father of the Nation? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
63. What is our national calendar? Saka Samvat
64. What is the period of national anthem song? 52 seconds
65. Who discovered the radioactivity? Henry Beckerl
66. Which part of the body is associated with Paes Maker? heart
67. What is the body of the human body called ‘master granthi’? Piusa gland
68. What is the most pure form of carbon? Diamond
69. Who invented X-ray? Rantjan
70. Which metal was first used by humans? Copper
71. How does the astronaut appear on the outer sky? Black
72. Who invented the telescope? Galileo
73. What is the name of Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi? Rajghat
74. From where was the first train in India? From Mumbai (current Mumbai) to police station
75. In which city was the first metro rail service introduced in India? Kolkata
76. Which Indian started the railroad in India? 1853
77. Who were the first Indian astronauts? Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma, 
78 in 1984. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of India? Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani
79. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana? Pt. Bhagvat Dayal Sharma
80. When was the United Nations formed? 24 October 1945
81. Where is the United Nations headquarters located? New York
82. Who was the first Secretary-General of the United Nations? Trivedi
83. How many countries are members of the United Nations at this time? 193
84. How many countries are members of the UN Security Council? 15
85. How many countries are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council? 5
86 Where is the international court located?Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands
87. Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations , in The Hague, Holland ?António Guterres
88. Who were the Indians who gave speeches in Hindi at the UN General Assembly? Atal Bihari Vajpayee
89. How many years are the temporary members of the UN Security Council elected? 2 years
90. What country was the 193rd member of the United Nations? South Sudan
91. Which vitamin deficiency does not stop the release of blood? Vitamin K
92. When is Hindi Day celebrated? September 14,  Quiz Questions
93. Which article of the Constitution was declared Hindi as the national language? Article 343
94. Who is the only Indian to win gold medal in the Olympics? Abhinav Bindra
95. How many years after the Olympic Games are held? 4 years
96. Where did the Olympic Games in 2016? Rio de Janeiro
97. International Day of Human Rights is celebrated? 10 December
98. Which breed of buffalo is famous in Haryana? Murrah
99. Where is the famous Sheetla Mata Temple located? Gurgaon
100. Who made the huge Haryana party? Rao Virendra Singh
101. How much area is the area of ​​Haryana? 44212
102. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana? P. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
103. Which country has the landline with most countries? China
104. What is the indicator of rapid decline in barometric readings? Stormy
105. What is the name of the Indian desert? Thar
106. Kaziranga National Reserve is in which state? Assam
107. In what direction does the earth rotate on its axis?counter clockwise
108 east from west. Ujjain is situated on the banks of which river? Shipra
109. Which of the following metals is the best conductor of electricity? Silver
110. What is found mainly in ‘dung gas’? Methane
111. “Freedom is my birthright and I will be taking it” Who said that? Lokmanya Tilak
112. For how long is the election of members of Rajya Sabha? six years
113. What is the script for Hindi language? Devanagari
114. What is the name of our galaxy? Milk Mekhla or Milky Way
115. What was the first newspaper in Hindi language? Udant Martand
116. Tulsidasit Ramcharitmanas is written in which language of Hindi language? Awadhi
117. Who are the rulers of Haryana? Uday Bhanu Swan  Quiz Question
118. 118. When and where did the modern Olympic Games begin? In Athens (Greece) in 1896,
119. India has won 8 gold medals in the Olympics in which game? Hockey
120. Where and when did the last gold medal in India win? 1980 in Moscow
121. How many years after the Olympic Games are held? 4 years
122. Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located? Lausanne (Switzerland)
123. Where did the Olympic Games take place in 2012? London
124. How many shells are there in the Olympic flag? 5
125. Who is the player to win the highest gold medal in an Olympics? Michael Phelps
126. Where will the Olympic Games be in 2020? Tokyo (Japan)
127. What is the name of Saina Nehwal, who won the bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics? Badminton
128. What was the first time India participated in Olympic Games? 1900
129. Who is the first Indian woman to win a medal in Olympic Games? Karnam Malleshwari
130. Back to the Vedas (Vedas and Returns) Who gave the slogan?Maharishi Dayanand
131. Who was the composer of the famous flag song “The flag high up ours”? Shyamlal Gupta Councilor
132. ‘Milk fever’ disease in animals is due to which deficiency? Calcium
133. Which part of the human body is urea filtered by blood? Kidney
134. Which is the only Indian who got Nobel Prize in Economics? Pro. Amrutya Sen
135. Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan Which of these instruments is famous for playing? Shehnai
136. Who was the last Governor General of India? C. Rajagopalachari
137. Bhilai Steel Plant was built in collaboration with which country? Russia
138. What is the name of India’s research center in the North Pole? Hamadri
139. Who was the first woman to climb Mt. Everest in the world? Japan’s Junko Tabai
140. What is the disease of jaundice? The liver or liver
141. “The fluid passes the same pressure in all directions”, which rule is related to this law? Pascal’s law
142. What is the mineral component of chlorophyll? Magnesium
143. L.P.G. What happens in gas? Butane
144. Who first read the records of Ashoka? James Prinsep
145. Under the influence of which bodhi monk Ashoka took Bodh Dharma?Upagupta
146 Kkaunsa Mughal emperor was illiterate? Akbar
147. Who founded the city of Amritsar? Guru Ramdas
148. Who was the founder of Ghadar Party?Lala Hardayal
149. Who started the anchor system in Sikh history? Thu Angad Dev
150. Which is the oldest Vedas? Rigveda
151. Which Sultan transferred its capital from Delhi to Daulatabad? Mohammed bin Tughlaq
152. When did the first five year plan start? In 1951,
153. Who was the Chinese traveler Hunsang studied? Nalanda
154. Which blood group is known as the Servant? O
155. How many bones are there in the human body? 206  Quiz Questions
156. Which of the vitamins is obtained from sunlight? Vitamin D
157. What is the disease of female Anaphalyas mosquito bites? Malaria
158. Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
159. What is the speed of light? 300000 km / second
160. Earth revolves around the sun Who was the first to tell? Copernicus
161. What is the relation of light year? Astronomical distance 
162. Where is the Golden Temple located? Amritsar
163. Where is Charminar located? Hyderabad
164. Where is the Kutub Minar located? Delhi
165. Where is the gateway of India located? Mumbai
166. Where is the India gate located? Neither Delhi
167. Where is the Taj Mahal located? Agra
168. Where was the ‘Azad Hind Fauj’ established? Singapore
169. Teacher’s Day is celebrated? September 5 , 
170. The Sports Day is celebrated? August 29
171. Whose birthday is celebrated as the Game Day? Major Dhyanchand
172. World Environment Day is celebrated? June 5
173. Who gave the slogan “Do or die”? Mahatma Gandhi
174. Who gave the slogan “Jai Hind”? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
175. Who gave the slogan “Come to Delhi”? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
176. Who gave the slogan “Return to the Vedas”? Dayanand Saraswati
177. Who gave the slogan “Inqlab Zindabad”? Bhagat Singh
178. Who gave the slogan “Give me blood, I will give you freedom”? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
179. Who gave the slogan “Relaxing Haram”? Jawaharlal Nehru
180. Who gave the slogan “Jai Jawan Jay Kisan”? Lal Bahadur Shastri
181. Who gave the slogan “Hit the firangi”? Mangal Pandey
182. “Who is the slogan of Sarfaroshi ki tamna, is in our heart now, see how loud is in Baju-e-murderer?” Ramprasad Bismil
183. What is the name of India’s Napoleon? Samudragupta
184. At the end of the Sati practice, what was the most sought after social reformer? Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Who established the ‘Ramkrishna Mission’ ?Swami Vivekanand
186. On which date is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthdate celebrated? October 2
187. What is the full name of Mahatma Gandhi? Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
188. Who gave Gandhiji the title of Mahatma? Rabindranath Tagore
189. Who was the author of the book ‘My Experiments with Truth’? Mahatma Gandhi
190. What is the highest civilian honor of India? Bharat Ratna
191. Which is the highest Indian award given in the field of film? Dada Saheb Phalke Award
Name the India’s highest gallantry medal?Param Vir Chakra
193. Who is called Shakespeare of India? To kalidas
194. Who is the computer’s father? Charles Babage
195. Who was the first person to go into space? Yuri Gagarin (Russia )
196. Who is the first person to step on the moon? Neil Armstrong
197. Who is the first Indian to go into space? Rakesh Sharma
198. What is the name of the first Indian satellite and when it was released? Aryabhatta Sun, in 1975
199. Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations? Ban-ki-moon
200. On which date is the International Women’s Day celebrated? March 8
201. Whose disease is caused by its deficiency? Iodine
202. Which gland secrete insulin? Pancreatic
203. Which game is associated with Durand Cup? Football
204. What is the biggest dam in India? Hirakud Dam
205. How many Indian languages ​​have been recognized in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution? 22
206. What is the currency of China? Yuan
207. Who is the founder of Red Cross? Henry Dunant
208. What is the disease caused by hemoglobin deficiency? Anemia
209. Who is called the India Nightingale? Sarojini Naidu
210. Who started the Kutub Minar in Delhi? Qutubuddin Aibak
211. Who was the founder of the Banaras Hindu University? Madan Mohan Malviya
212. Who was the author of economics? Chanakya (Kautilya)
213. Where is Vivekananda Memorial located? Kanyakumari
214. Where is the headquarters of SAARC located? Kathmandu, Nepal)
215. How many countries are members of SAARC? 8 (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan) Quiz Questions
216. What is the length of India’s coast line? 7516
217. Which country is the largest producer of Mica in the world? India
218. Who made Grant-Trunk Road? Sher Shah Suri
219. What is the lack of vitamin ‘B’ deficiency? Berry-berry
220. What is the deficiency of vitamin C? Scurvy
221. Which vitamin does not contain milk? Vitamin ‘C’
222. Which disease is due to deficiency of vitamin ‘D’? Rickets
223. Which vitamin deficiency does not accumulate a blood clot? Vitamin ‘K’
224. What is the deficiency of Vitamin ‘E’? Infertility
225. What is the chemical name of vitamin ‘C’? Ascorbic acid
226. What are fat-soluble vitamins? ‘A’ and ‘E’
227. What is the chemical name of ordinary salt? NaCl
228. What is the chemical name of a laughing gas? Nitrous oxide (N2O)
229. What is the chemical name of Running soda? Sodium carbonate
230. Which brass is a mixture of two metals? Copper and zinc
231. The calciferral is the chemical name of which vitamin? Vitamin ‘D’
232. Which part of the eye is donated in eye donation? Cornea
233. Which vitamin is cobalt? Vitamin B 12
234. Who is the powerhouse of the cell? Mitochondria
235. In which part of our body is the formation of red blood cells? Bone marrow
236. National Science Day is celebrated? February 28
237. Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure? Sphygmomanometer
238. What is Permanent Memory of Computer? ROM-Read Only Memory
239. In which convention did the Congress split into two groups named Liberals and extremists? In 1907 Surat Session
240. Who built the Vriddeshwar Temple of Tanjore? Rajaraja first Chola
241. Where was the birth of Mughal emperor Akbar? Amarkot’s fortress
242. In which country will the 2014 World Cup be held? Brazil
243. In which country will the 2018 Football World Cup be held? Russia
244. Where will the 2014 Commonwealth Games be? Glasgow (Scotland) Quiz Questions
245. Where will the 2015 Cricket World Cup be held? In New Zealand and Australia
246. Who chairs the joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament? speaker
247. Who was the first Lok Sabha Speaker of India? Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar
248. Under which article Jammu and Kashmir has special status for the Indian Constitution? Article 370
249. Who decides whether a bill is a bill or not? speaker
250. Which is the world’s largest continent? Asia
251. Hyderabad is situated on which river? Musée
252. What is the world’s largest producer of silver in the world? Mexico
253. According to the area, what is the smallest country in the world ? Vatican City
254. Which two seas connect the Suez Canal? Mediterranean and Red Sea
255. Which of the two oceans combines the Panama Canal? Pacific Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean
256. What is the capital of India’s federal territory ‘Dadra and Nagar Haveli’? Silvassa
257. What is the largest state of India in terms of area? Rajasthan
258. Earth Day is celebrated? 22 April
259. Which state is the valley of flowers? In Uttarakhand
260. Which is the capital of the newly built country, Southern Sudan, in 2011 ? Juba
261. Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission? Prime minister
262. Who was the author of the mirror Akbari? Abul fazal
263. What sport is associated with the Hopman Cup ? Tennis
264. Who is known in the name of Deshbandhu ? Chittaranjan Das
265. How many tilia are there in the Ashok Chakra? 24
266. Which became the first movie in India? Raja Harishchandra
267. Which is the smallest bone? Steppe
268. Which is the biggest bone? Femur (thigh bone)
269. How many muscles in the human body? 639
270. What is the life span of red blood cell (RBC)? 120 days
271. To prevent rust, what is the action of zodiac lining on iron? Galvanization (galvanization)
272. What is the name of the largest body of the human body? Hepatic
273. Where is India’s first oil refinery located? Digboi (Asom)
274. Which field is given to the Kalinga Award by UNESCO? in science
275. Who built four minarets in Hyderabad? Coolie Qutbshah
276. When and where was the resolution of complete independence passed by Congress? Quiz Questions at the 1929 Lahore Convention
277. What is the relationship of the Swiss Revolution? By milk
278. Which is the oldest current rail engine in India? Fairy Queen
279. When was the first announcement of emergency in India? Chinese invasion time (26 October 1962)
280. What is the first state to become the basis of language in India? Andra Pradesh
281. Who was the first Muslim invader to attack India? Muhammad bin Qasim (712 AD)
282. Who was Ambassador of Seleucus who came to the court of Chandragupta Maurya? Magnesium
283. What is the old name of Sri Lanka? Ceylon
284. Who discovered Vitamins? Funk
285. Whose stainless steel is its alloy? Iron, chromium, nickel
286. Whose bone is its alloy? Copper and tin
287. When did Swami Vivekananda address the World Religions Conference in Chicago? In 1893
288. When did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre? 13 April 1919
289. When is the largest day in the Northern Hemisphere on earth? June 21
290. Where did Mahatma Buddha give his first message? Saranath
291. During the boycott of the Simon Commission, which leader was killed by the sticky charge? Lala Lajpat Rai
292. What is the name of the first computer manufactured in India? Siddhartha
293. What is the mention of Gayatri Mantra? Rig Veda
294. Which part of the digestive tract is mostly done in the human body? small intestine
295. Who did the rules of heredity rule? Gregor Mandal
296. Which metal was first used by humans? Copper
297. What does hair pen work on? Dorsal stress
298. Silk worms are fed on soft leaves of which tree ? Mulberry
299. Khetri is famous for which Rajasthan? copper mine
300. Which planet is the closest planet? Venus
301. Where does the image of an object be formed in the human eye? Retina
302. What is the transmission of heat from the Sun to the Earth? Radiation
303. DNA Who has detected the diploid horoscope? Watson and Crick
304. What is the intensity of sound measured? Decibel
305. What is Beekeeping? Epiculture Quiz Questions
306. What is the first page of a website called? home page
307. Which mirror is used to see the rear view in trains? Convex
308. Under normal circumstances, what is the speed of sound in the air? 332m / sec
309. What is the only planet which revolves from its east to west direction on its axis? Venus
310. Which is the highest gas in the sun? Hydrogen
311. What is the brightest planet visible from the earth? Venus
312. What is the age of the solar system? 4.6 billion years
313. Which crescent star appears after 76 years? Helly tail
314. What is the distance between the Earth and the Sun? 15 million kilometers
315. How long does the sun’s light take to reach the earth? 500 seconds
316. When and where did India first test the nuclear test? On May 14, 1974 in Pokhran (Rajasthan)
317. What is the part of the computer that we can touch? Hardware
318. What is the excellent gas used in the treatment of cancer? Radan
319. Which minerals are found in Monajeet sand? Thorium
320. Which is the biggest endocrine gland in the body? Thyroid
321. Which is the world’s largest mammal? a whale
322. Who discovered the blood group? Land steiner
323. Which is the main ore of aluminum? Bauxite
324. What was the first artificial satellite? Sputnik-1
325. By which instrument is mechanical energy converted into electrical energy? Dynamo
326. What is the temporary memory of a computer? RAM-Random Excess Memory
327. What is measured by the Richter scale? Earthquake intensity
328. Which is the most metal in the landscape? Aluminum
329. Which planet is known as Sandhya Tara? Venus
330. What is the lowest surface of the atmosphere called? Troposphere
331. How long does the earth take to rotate 1 degree longitude? 4 minutes
332. What makes Plaster of Paris? Gypsum
333. With whose help the fish breathe? Gills
334. What is the process of making food by green plants? Photosynthesis
335. What process is the cream made from milk? Centrifugal force
336. Where is the headquarters of Reserve Bank of India? Mumbai Quiz Questions
337. Who is called marginal gandhi? Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
338. Which is the world’s largest island? Greenland
339. Who was the first President of Independent India? Dr. Rajendra Prasad
340. Black soil is the most suitable for which crop? Cotton
341. Which foreign invader robbed ‘Kohinoor Diamond’ and ‘Peacock Throne’ and took home with him? Nadirshah
342. Which is the oldest mountain range in India? Aravali Ranges
343. What is the percentage of water on the ground floor? 71%
344. Which country has the longest terrain boundary of India? Bangladesh
345. What is the largest planet in our solar system? Jupiter
346. Which river is called ‘the bereavement of Bihar’? Kosi
347. To find out the gas leakage from the gas cylinders, which odor-rich substance is mixed? Ethyl mercaptane
348. 349.What is the percentage of the gas in the atmosphere? Nitrogen
350. The Sun temple of Konark is located in which state? Odissa
351. Which country was created in 1971 by Bangladesh? Pakistan
352. What is the meaning of WWW in computer language? World Wide Web
353. How many bytes are in a kilobyte (KB)? 1024 bytes
354. Who presided over the historic session of the Indian National Congress in 1929? Jawaharlal Nehru
355. Who was the companion of Bhagat Singh in throwing a bomb in the Central Assembly? Batukeshwar Dutt
356. When did the Muslim League first demand the partition of India? 1940
357. Who was the publisher of the CandmanVille magazine? Anne Bassant
358. Who is the only Indian to win Nobel prize in economics? Amartya sen
359. In 1856, whose widow remarriage law was made by its efforts? With the efforts of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
360. Where did Lord Canning announce the rule of the Crown in India in the court held in November 1858? In the court held in Allahabad
361. The Governor of which state was the first Assistant Treaty with Lord Vejleighli? Nizam of Hyderabad quiz questions
362. What is the largest tribe of India? Gond
363. Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress? Anne Bessant
364. Who is known as ‘Shaheed-e-Azam’? Bhagat Singh
365. Which scheme resulted in the partition of India? – As a result of the Mountbatten Plan
366. Who killed the General Dyer (associated with Jallianwala Bagh massacre)? Udham Singh
367. When was the partition of Bengal and by whom? In 1905 AD by Governor Lord Curzon
368. How many high courts are there in India? 24
369. Who was the president of the first Lok Sabha? G. V. Mavalankar
370. Who was elected the temporary president of the Constituent Assembly? Sachchidanand Sinha
371. Kuchipudi dance style is generally associated with which state? Andra Pradesh
372. Print MohiniAttam dance style is generally associated with which state? Kerala
373. Bharatanatyam dance form is generally associated with which state? Tamil Nadu
374. Kathakali is the classical dance of which state? Kerala
375. Which state is the largest producer of saffron? Jammu Kashmir
376. On which river was the first Bahouddhayasya project built in India? Damodar
377. Who was the first president of the Indian National Congress? Votesh Chandra Banerjee
378. Who used to think Gandhiji as your political guru? Gopal Krishna Gokhale
379. What part of the United Nations is responsible for maintaining international peace and security? Security council
380. Who was the first Indian citizen to receive Nobel Prize? Rabindranath Tagore (in 1913)
381. What year did mid day meal scheme start? In 1995
382. Who is the national anthem of Bangladesh and who has written it? ‘ Amar Sonar Bangla’ written by Rabindranath Tagore
383. Who was the founder of the Lodhi clan? Baholol Lodhi
384. What constitutional amendment is called ‘mini-Constitution’? 42nd
385. Which divers take a mixture of gases to breathe inside the water? A mixture of oxygen and helium gases
386. Who was the founder of homeopathy? Honeymoon
387. Which gas is used for cooking fruit? Ethylene
388. What is the first month of Indian National Calendar? Chaitra
389. Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia Which musical instrument plays? Flute quiz questions
390. What should be the minimum age for India to become Prime Minister? 25 years
391. Who built the Stupa of Sanchi? Ashok
392. Yakshagana is the folk dance of which state ? Karnataka
393. What makes the McMahon Line a boundary between the two countries? Indo-China
394. What is the food portion on the onion? Stem
395. What is the frequency of sound waves in the audio compound? 20 Hz to 20000 Hz
396. Madhubani is the folk painting style of which state? Bihar
397. World’s highest mountain peak Mt. Everest is located in which country? Nepal
398. Which river is called the South Ganga? Godavari
399. Who was the only President who was elected uncontested? Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
400. The world’s largest delta Sundarbans delta forms which rivers? Ganga-Brahmaputra
401. Which was the port city of Indus Valley Civilization? Lothal
402. Who is considered the father of sitar and tabla? Amir Khusro
403. Which is the world’s highest plateau? Plateau of Pamir or Tibet
404. Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission? Prime minister
405. Which gas is used in the manufacture of vegetable ghee? Hydrogen
406. Who was the first Indian to cross the English Channel? Mihir San
407. How many watt is an horse power? 746 watt
408. What is the reason for the water drop drops? Dorsal stress
409. What is the man-made first filament? Nylon
410. Is there a distance between the listener and the reflector to hear a clear echo? 17 meters
411. In which medium does light move the highest? Vacuum
412. Which color light is the most scattered? Violet
413. Which mirror is used in the vehicle’s headlight? Concave
414. Why do the stars in the sky shimmer? Reasons for refraction of light
415. Who is the primary color? Red, green, blue
416. Which gas is filled in the airplane tires? Helium
417. Which metal is a mixture of stitched metal or solder? Tin and lead
418. Glaucoma disease is related to which part of body? eye
419. What is the name of the world’s first woman Astronaut? Valentina Tereshkova
420. Who was the author of ‘Origin of Species by Natural Selection’ book? Charles Darwin
421. Which metal ore is a cinebar? Mercury or mercury
422. Which instrument is used to measure the amount of water in milk? Lactometer
423. “Hydrogen bomb” is based on what principle? Nuclear Fusion Quiz Questions
424. Palaagra disease is due to the lack of vitamin? Vitamin B-3
425. Whose fat is in the liver-oil of fish? Vitamin D
426. What is the height of geostationary satellite from the Earth? 36,000 kilometers
427. What is the temperature of a human body? 37 ° C or 98.4 F
428. What is the strength of the lens capacity? Diopter
429. Which computer’s IC chips are made of? Of silicon
430. Whose unit is Parsec? Of celestial distance
431. What is the maximum density of water at which temperature? At 4 ° C
432. What is the frequency of acoustic waves? More than 20,000 Hz
433. What is the scientific name of man? Homo sapiens
434. Who was the first Indian to be elected to the British Parliament? Grandfather brother nairobi
435. Which state of India is the largest producer of rice? West bengal
436. Where is the only temple of Lord Brahma in India? Pushkar (Rajasthan)
437. What is the disease of a mad dog bite? Rabies or Hydrophobia
438. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha? Vice President
439. Who is the first person to receive the Nobel Prize twice? Madame Marie Curie
440. Where is the headquarters of SAARC or SAARC? Kathmandu, Nepal)
441. Who was the first Param Vir Chakra? Major Somnath Sharma
442. Who was the first Indian woman president of Indian National Congress? Sarojini Naidu
443. Who was the captain of the 1983 World Cup winning Indian cricket team? Kapil Dev
444. How many members can nominate the President in the Rajya Sabha? 12
445. Which year started the Nobel Prize? 1901
446. What is the currency of Bangladesh? Taka
447. Who wrote the Ramayana? Maharishi Balmiki
448. Which state is the largest producer of sugarcane in India? Uttar Pradesh
449. Which part of the body affects the papyria disease? Teeth and gums
450. Nasik is situated on the banks of which river? Godavari
451. Who gives the oath to the President? Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
452. What is the currency of Japan? Yen
453. Where is the Indian Military Academy located? Dehradun Quiz Questions
454. Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest? Bachendri Pal
455. Which game is associated with the Davis Cup? Tennis
456. Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest twice? Santosh Yadav
457. How long does the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court stay on his post? Up to the age of 65
458. What is the Upper House of Parliament? Rajya Sabha
459. Who is the author of Panchatantra? Vishnu Sharma
460. By what name is the India-China Accord held in 1954? Pt Cshil agreement
461. Which country won the Football World Cup in 2010? Spain
462. Where is the National Defense Academy located? Khadgavasala near Poona
463. Who wrote the book ‘Discovery of India’? Jawaharlal Nehru
464. How often does the heart of a healthy man beats in a minute? 72 times
465. When was the census for the first time in India? 1872
466. The word ‘double fat’ is used in which game? Tennis
467. Who was the first Indian Army Chief of the Indian Army? General K. M. Cariappa
468. ‘Lai Haraoba’ is the folk dance of which state? Manipur
469. Which state of India is the largest producer of rubber ? Kerala
470. Kolkata is on the banks of which river ? Hughli
471. Which Indian scientist had said, ‘There is life in plants’? Jagdish Chandra Basu
472. Where was the Sabarmati Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi? Ahmedabad
473. How many chromosomes are there in the human body? 23 pairs or 46
474. When does lunar eclipse occur? full moon
475. When did the Quit India Movement begin? 8 August 1942
476. What is the normal blood pressure of a human body? 80 to 120 mm .
477. When is the smallest day in the northern hemisphere? December 22
478. Who wrote ‘Ramcharitmanas’? Tulsidas
479. When and where were the first Asian Games organized? In May 1951 in New Delhi
480. What is atmospheric pressure measured? Barometer
481. Where is the first woman university of Haryana and where? Bhagat Phul Singh Women University Khanpur Kalan (Sonipat)
482. Who is the Indian who took all ten wickets in an innings of Test matches? Anil Kumble
483. Where will the football world cup in 2018? Russia
484. Which is the most populous country in the world? China
485. How many members can nominate the President in the Lok Sabha? 2
486. What is the omnibus blood group? AB Quiz Questions
487. Which year did the non-cooperation movement begin? 1920
488. ‘Penalty stroke’ is used in which game ? Hockey
489. What is the lower house of Indian Parliament? Lok Sabha
490. Who was the founder of Sikh religion? Guru Nankadeva
491. How many years does census happen in India? 10
492. Who is Meghdoot? Kalidas
493. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain during India’s independence? Clement Attlee
494. Which limbs affect eczema? The skin
495. Who founded the ‘Scout and Guides’ organization? Robert Baden Powell
496. What is the largest ocean in the world? Pacific
497. The word ‘penalty kick’ is used in which game? Football
498. Which game is associated with the Ranji Trophy? Cricket
499. Gyanpeeth Award belongs to which area? Literature
500. Which is India’s highest sports award? Rajiv Gandhi Sports Ratna Award
501. Which year started the Arjuna Award ? 1961
502. What is the standard timeline of India? 82.5 degrees east longitude line which passes through Allahabad
503. Who was the first Indian to win the Magsaysay award? Binova Bhave
504. ‘Monalisa’ is the world famous painting? Leonardo-de-vinci
505. Which state is the folk dance of the kingdom? Haryana
506. How many High Courts are there in India? 24
507. Who decides whether a bill is a bill or not? speaker
508. Who was the last Mughal emperor? Bahadur Shah Jafar II
509. What is the world’s first country to ban tobacco altogether? Bhutan
510. Whose creation is ‘God’? Munshi Premchand
511. The virus ‘Swine Flu’ spreads by which virus? H1N1
512. National Voters’ Day is celebrated? January 25
513. Who is the constitutional head of the government of India? President
514. By which constitution amendment was the fundamental duties added to the Constitution? 42nd
515. Which movement did Mahatma Gandhi initiate to break salt law? Civil disobedience movement
516. Who chooses Vice President? Member of Parliament
517. Where is Vijaystopa located? In Chittorgarh
518. World’s longest (9438 km) railroad Trans-Siberia (Russia) connects which two cities? St. Petersburg to Vladivostok
519. Amarkantak is the originator of which river? Narmada
520. Which state is the largest producer of gypsum in India? Rajasthan
521. Where did the English East India Company put the first factory in India? In Surat (Gujarat)
522. Who wrote the book ‘Ali Akbar’? Abul fazal
523. The word ‘bully’ is used in which game? Hockey
524. Who is called ‘Flying Fairy’? PTThree Quiz Questions
525. Which city is known as the City of Lakes? Udaipur
526. When and where was the establishment of Arya Samaj? In 1875 in Mumbai
527. Which is the oldest Vedas? Rig Veda
528. When is ‘Education Day’ celebrated? On the 11th of November
529. Whose birthday is celebrated as Education Day? India’s first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s birthday
530. Where is the Bhabha Atomic Research Center located? In trombay (mumbai)
531. Who led the Bardoli movement in 1928? Number of Rdar Vallabh Bhai Patel
532. Who had founded the Khalsa Panth? Guru govind singh
533. Who founded the Mughal dynasty? Babar
534. Who was the first woman IPS officer of India? Kiran Bedi
535. Kathak is the classical dance of which state? Uttar Pradesh
536. Which was the capital of Tipu Sultan? Sirangpatnam
537. In which game is the word ‘Chinaman’ used? Cricket
538. Which is the hardest thing? Diamond
539. Who invented the dynamite? Alfred Noble
540. Which musical instrument is related to Bismillah Khan? the clarinet
541. From which area is Oscar award related to? film
542. What will be the full extension of AIDS? Accquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
543. Which General gave the firing order in Jalianwala Bagh? Michael O Dyer
544. What was the ancient name of Patna? Patna
545. Who built the Red Fort in Delhi ? Mughal emperor Shah Jahan
546. Where is the Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports located? Patiala
547. Aga Khan Cup is associated with which game? Hockey
548. Bandipur Sanctuary is situated in which state? Karnataka
549. Who invented the steam engine? James Watt
550. Who invented the radio? Marconi resident of Italy
551. The official language of which Indian state is English? Nagaland
552. Who was the first Muslim president of the Indian National Congress? Badruddin Tayyab Ji
553. Who was India’s first home minister? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
554. Who is the world’s first woman Prime Minister? Sirimao Bandaranyake
555. Harappa civilization is related to which era? Bronze Age Quiz Questions
556. Which Mughal ruler dal-e-elahi was driven by religion? Akbar
557. Why does the sun appear red when growing and drowning? Because the scarring of red is the lowest
558. How many colors are there in the rainbow? Seven
559. What is the height of geostationary satellite from the Earth? 36000 KM
560. Who discovered the vaccine of smallpox? Edward Jenner
561. Who discovered the rabies vaccine? Louis Pasteur
562. Which bacteria is made from milk by the yogurt? Lacto bacillus
563. What is the frequency of ultraviolet waves? More than 20000 Hz
564. What is the nuclear bomb that works on? Nuclear fission
565. What is the unit of electric current? Ampere
566. Which minerals are necessary to control heartbeat? Potassium
567. Who discovered penicillin? Alexander Fleming
568. Which plant is known as ‘Kunin’ from the medicine of malaria? Cinchona
569. What is the biggest flower in the world? Rafflesia
570. Which is the largest living bird? Ostrich
571. Which is the smallest bird in the world? Humming bird
572. What animal did the first man make? dog
573. What does the astronaut look like in outer space? Black
574. What will be the full extension of ATM? Automated Teller Machine
575. Who convenes the joint session of Parliament? President
576. What is the LBW word from which game? Cricket
577. Which layer of the atmosphere protects us from ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun? Ozone
578. Where is the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti? Ajmer
579. After which war did Emperor Ashoka take Bodh Dharma? Kalinga war
580. Which is the central bank of India? Reserve Bank of India
581. Where is the Salarjung Museum? Hyderabad Quiz Questions
582. Who is the longest Chief Minister of India? Jyoti Basu (West Bengal)
583. Which is the longest river in the world? Indigo
584. At what temperature is the temperature equal to Celsius and Fahrenheit? -40 degrees
585. Whom is the alloy? Copper and tin
586. Which game is associated with the Duleep Trophy? Cricket
587. What will be the full extension of LPG? Liqified Petroleum Gas
588. Who wrote the book ‘Geeta Mystery’? Bal Gangadhar Tilak
589. How many members of the Rajya Sabha election happens after every 2 years? A third
590. How many years does the US president have? 4 years
591. Ayodhya is on the banks of which river? Sareyu Quiz Questions
592. Who was the founder of Jaipur? Aamer’s King Sawai Jaisingh
593. When was the first amendment to the Indian Constitution? In 1951
594. Durand Cup is related to which sport? Football
595. Who was given the Nobel Prize for Literature started in 1907? Rudyard Kipling
596. During whose reign did the Moroccan traveler Ibnbuttuta came to India? Mohammed bin Tughluq
597. Who was the first law minister of India? Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
598. Who was the author of ‘Abhijana Shakuntalam’? Kalidas
599. Labor Day is celebrated? may 1st
600. ‘Odissi’ is the classical dance of which state? Odissa
601. The river Bhakra is built on which river? Sutlej
602. What is the area of ​​India? 32,87,263 sq. Km
603. When did the US strike a nuclear bomb at Hiroshima of Japan? On August 6, 1945
604. Who votes in the presidential election? Elected members of parliament and state legislatures
605. Who was the first Governor of Haryana? Dharmaveer
606. What is the fictional line that connects the North Pole to the South Pole? Longitude line
607. When and when Mahatma Gandhi was killed? 30 January 1948 by Nathuram Godse
608. Which cereals in India are most consumed? Rice
609. Army Day is celebrated? January 15 Quiz Questions
610. The temple of Dilwara in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, is related to which religion? Jainism
611. The Hirakud Dam is built on which river? Mahanadi
612. Who built the Delhi-based Jama Masjid? Shah jahan
613. What is the highest military award of peace? Ashok Chakra
614. Where is the National Dairy Research Institute located? Karnal (Haryana)
615. What is the first discourse given by Lord Buddha in Sarnath called Bodh Dharma? Dharmacism
616. Air Force Day is celebrated? October 8
617. In which city did the three historical warms of 1526, 1556 and 1761 occur? Panipat (Haryana)
618. Which state has recently been separated from Telangana state? Andra Pradesh
619. Which ocean is on the west coast of India? Arabian Sea
620. Where is the headquarters of UNESCO (UNESCO)? Paris, France)
621. When was the World Trade Organization established? In 1995
622. What kind of education is the kindergarten system? Fröbel
623. When did NCERT be established? In 1961
624. Tansen was a musician in whose court? Akbar
625. Who was the guardian of Akbar for 4 years? Bairam Khan
626. Which instrumental instrumentality is related to Pandit Ravi Shankar? Sitar
627. Which game is associated with ‘Penalty Corner’? Hockey
628. What is the reason for rainfall in winter in winter? Western disturbances
629. Which game is associated with Deodhar Trophy? Cricket
630. What is the currency of Russia? Ruble
631. Which was the famous harbor of the Indus Valley Civilization? Lothal
632. Who was the first tirthankar of Jain religion? Rishabhdev
633. Where is Gautam Buddha born? Lumbini who is in Nepal
634. Lord Mahabir were the pilgrims of Jainism? 24th
635. Who is the first woman president of India? Pratibha Patil
636. Katak is situated on which river? Mahanadi
637. How many letters are there in binary language? 2
638. What will be the expansion of LAN? Local Area Network
639. Where was the death of Gautama Buddha? Quiz Questions in Kushinagar
640. When did Goa become free from Portuguese rule? 1961
641. When did Buxar’s war happen, which resulted in British occupying power in Bengal, Bihar and Odisha? In 1764
642. When did the regulating act begin? In 1773
643. After the revolution of 1857, where did the British capture the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar? Burma (Myanmar)
644. When did Gandhiji return from India to South Africa? January 9, 1915
645. Which was India’s first spoken film? Alamara
646. What is the location of India in terms of area? Seventh
647. What is the terrestrial border of India? 15200 km
648. How much is the expansion of India from East to West? 2933 km
649. When the Constituent Assembly adopted the Tricolor flag as the national flag? On July 22, 1947
650. When did the Constituent Assembly declare ‘Jan-Ganam-Mana’ to national anthem? January 24, 1950 to
651. Where is the ‘Khuda Baksh’ library? Patna
652. In 1784 who founded ‘Asiatic Society’ in Kolkata? William Jones
653. When was nationalization of banks? In 1969
654. By which constitution amendment made education fundamental rights for children of 6-14 years of age ? 86th
655. What fundamental rights were removed by the 44th Amendment? Right to property
656. What is the 23.5 degree North latitude line? Tropic of Cancer
657. Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated? December 7
658. By what name is the Indo-Pak borderline called? Red cliff line
659. Where is the only active volcano in India? Baron Island (Andaman Nicobar)
660. Which Indian state has two capitals? Jammu and Kashmir
661. Which state was bought from Russia in 1867 by the United States? Alaska
662. World Disabled Day is celebrated? December 3
663. What sport is associated with the Hopman Cup? Tennis
664. Who is the first Chief Minister of the newly formed Telangana state? Chandrasekhar Rao
665. Which is the Gulf of India-Sri Lanka? Bay of Mannar
666. Which is the highest peak of the Aravali Range? Guru summit quiz questions
667. Which country has the largest sea border? Kanada
668. Which country’s land boundary is the biggest? China
669. What is the currency of Myanmar (Burma)? Kayat
670. What is the change in weather in which layer of atmosphere? Troposphere
671. Which is the world’s largest ocean? Southern china sea
672. What is the incident of abandonment at the age of 29 by Gautam Buddha? Superabundance
673. Which is the supreme body to approve the Five Year Plan in India? National development council
674. Which state of India meets the border of China, Nepal and Bhutan? Sikkim
675. Nathula Pass is situated in which state? Sikkim
676. Who started the Al-Hilal newspaper in 1912? Maulana Abulkalam Azad
677. The great doctor was in whose court? Kanishka
678. Who are called ‘Metro men’ in India? Sreedharan
679. Who was the Congress President at the time of India’s independence? J.B. Crowlani
680. Which year did the Lucknow Agreement between the Congress and the Muslim League? 1916
681. The third war of Panipat happened between whom? Marathas and Ahmedshah Abdali
682. According to the new rules of RBI, how long does the verification of validity of check and bank drafts? 3 months
683. Which is the longest National Highway? NH-7, Varanasi to Kanyakumari
684. Marble Whose version is 0000 rupees? Lime stone
685. Where is the headquarters of the World Trade Organization? Geneva (Switzerland)
686. After the Chauri-Chaura scandal, which movement had postponed Mahatma Gandhi? non cooperation movement
687. What is the coast of Kerala? Malabar Coast
688. Zend-Avesta is the religious book of which religion? Parsiya
689. When was the National Anthem of India first ever sung? In the 1911 Congress session of Kolkata.
690. What is the chemical formula of water? H2O
691. What is the hardest substance found in nature? Diamond
692. What is the average amount of salts in seawater? 3.5%
693. Who is the President of the National Development Council? Prime minister
694. When did Alexander invade India? 326 BC
695. How long was the constitution of India ready? 2 years 11 months 18 days
696. In the Indian constitution, which fundamental duty has been taken from the constitution of which country? American constitution
697. Under which section of the Constitution does the Governor recommend introduction of President’s Rule in any state? Section 356
698. Who discovered the proton? Rutherford
699. Where was the first nuclear power plant installed in India? Tarapur
700. Who founded Shantiniketan? Rabindranath tagore
701. Which year did the Nobel Prize of economics begin? 1969
702. What is the incident of body-sacrifice by Gautama Buddha? Mahaparinirvana
703. When did first Buddhist council, where and during whose reign? 483 BC, Rajghat, Ajatashatru
704. What is the temperature of the sun surface? 6000 degrees Celsius
705. The savanna grassland is in which continent? Africa
706. Which constitutional amendment introduced Panchayati Raj system? 73rd
707. Who will hand over the president if he wants to resign? Vice President
708. Which state has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats? 80, Uttar Pradesh
709. Lord Mahavir was born, yes? Kundagram (Vaishali)
710. When did the fourth Buddhist council, where and under whose protection? 98 AD, Kundalvan (K), Kanishka
711. How many earth is inclined at its axis? 23.5 degrees
712. What is the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere? 21%
713. What is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ? 0.03%
714. What is the width of the broad gauge railway line? 1.676 m
715. Where does the biggest fair of livestock in India fill? Sonpur (Bihar)
716. Which two countries divide the 38th parallel? North and South Korea
717. Who wrote ‘Ashtadhyayi’? Water quiz questions
718. Whose bulb’s filament is made? Tungsten
719. When did the third Buddhist council, where and under whose protection? In 250 BC, during the reign of Ashoka in Pataliputra
720. ‘Triptik’ are the texts of which religion and in which language are they written? Buddhism, Poly
721. What is the name of the Indian peninsula? Deccan Plateau
722. From Gujarat to Goa, what is the coastline called? Konkan
723. How many islands are in Andaman and Nicobar Islands ? 324
724. What two words were added to the introduction by the 42nd Constitution Amendment? Secular and socialist
725. Whose sign are on a rupee note? Secretary, Ministry of Finance
726. What is the maximum duration between the two sessions of Parliament? 6 months
727. ‘Ritu Nahar’, ‘Kumar Sambhav’, ‘Raghuvansham’ are the compositions of which? Kalidas
728. Where are the caves of Ajanta and Ellora? Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
729. Who built the Rath Mandir of Mahabalipuram? Pallava King Narsingharman
730. How many percent of India’s forests are in the forest? 19%
731. Where is Jim Corbett National Park located? Near Nainital (Uttarakhand)
732. ‘Burdy’, ‘Eagle’, ‘Bogi’, ‘Par’, ‘T’, ‘Hole-in-One’ are related to which game? Golf
733. In which state is Sambhar Lake formed by which salt? Rajasthan
734. Which ruler of the slave dynasty was killed by falling from a horse while playing Chaugan (polo)? Qutubuddin Aibak
735. Who wrote ‘song gobind’? Jayadeva
736. Which rulers of Khizraoha Temple were built by? Chandel
737. When and when was the establishment of the Vijayanagar empire? Harihara and Bukka in 1336
738. Where is the dense bird sanctuary located? Bharatpur (Rajasthan)
739. Where are the wild asses found in India? In Rann (Gujarat) of Kutch
740. Who is the biography of Pisces Kampf (my struggle)? Adolf Hitler
741. Das Capitol is composed of whom? Karl Marx
742. When did Mahmood Gajnavi robbed Somnath temple? 1025 AD
743. Which sanctuary is famous for one horned rhinoceros? Kaziranga (Assam )
744. Who wrote the ‘Republic’ book? Plato
745. When did Timurlong loot Delhi? In 1398
746. When was the hockey included in the Olympic Games? In the 1928 Amsterdam (Holland) Olympics
747. Where was Sher Shah Suri buried? Sasaram (Bihar)
748. Who discovered the neutron? James Chedwick
749. Which is used as a diluent in a nuclear reactor? Heavy water and graphite
750. Which is the world’s smallest continent? Australia
751. Which year did the NCC establish? In 1948
752. Amjad Ali Khan plays the musical instrument? Sarod
753. Which is the highest waterfall in India? Jog or Grsoppa which is in Karnataka Sharavati River Quiz Questions
754. What is the distance from Moon to Earth? 385000 km
755. Which is the world’s least populous country? Vatican City
756. Where is gold mine in India? In Kolar (Karnataka)
757. How many schedules are there in the Indian Constitution? Schedule 12
758. How long does the sun’s light take to reach the earth from the moon? 1.3 Second
759. Which of these is famous for Panna (Madhya Pradesh) mines? Diamond
760. Which country is the gift of the Nile River? Egypt
761. Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Jain’? Atal Bihari Vajpai
762. What is the old name of Ghana? Gold Coast
763. Which instrument is related to Ustad Zakir Hussain? Tabla
764. Who discovered the US? Christopher Columbus in 1492
765. Vande Mataram was first sung in which congress of Congress? In 1896
766. Who searched for ‘the theory of relativity’? Albert Einstein
767. Who discovered the airplane? Oliver and Wilbur Wright Bandhu
768. Who did the first heart transplant? Dr. Christian Barnard (Southern Africa)
769. Which is the city of seven hills? Rome
770. When was the Saka Samvat adopted as the National Calendar? March 22, 1957
771. Who searched for radium? Pierre and Marie Curie
772. At what height does the temperature decrease by 1 degree C? 165 m
773. Which planet has four rings around? Saturn
774. Which is the largest bank in the world? State Bank of India
775. What is the country of white elephants? Thailand
776. Kangaroo is the national symbol of which country? Australia
777. Sunderlal Bahuguna is related to which movement? Chipo movement

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